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Reintroducing Wikipedia to Turkey
Monthly Reports
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This month our team was excited to learn that after the experience with a small group of students in last semestre Kadir Has University Turkish course team decided to introduce all students with Wikipedia Editing in their first year. This semestre 150 students in 6 classes will be writing about Turkish autors at Turkish Wikipedia as a part of their "Critical Reading and Writing in Turkish" course. In addition to getting preeared for this we have visited two university courses at two different universities for Wikipedia training.

As always March provided a good opportunity to organize events to attract more women editors. We had Art&Feminims event and Qeer/Feminist Artists Edit-a-thon during the month.

After many partnership talks with several municipalities since the begining of the project, our talks with Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality started to produce fruitful works. We started to make webinars for volunteers from Koaceli to give them training on Wikipedia editing. The volunteers have started to work on Kocaeli related articles and they are able to use the files donated by the Municipality in their works. We expect to have a long-term partnership and set an example for other local administrations.

Please see the details of all those and other works done during the month below.

Wikipedia Education Program

Critical Thinking in Foreign Laguage Education

March 26: Presentation at Research Methods course at Erzincan Binali Yıldırım University deparatment of Public Administration.

March 28:Wikipedia Education Program was initiated at "Critical Thinking Skills in Foreign Language Education" course at Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa University. The students will creatae Wikipedia articles about conceptes related to critical thinking. Here is the dashboard of the course: Dashboard

March 30:Talks and preperation with Turkish teachers team at Kadir Has Univeristy, Istanbul for initiating Wikipedia Education Program in "Critical Reading and Writing in Turkish II" courses taken by 150 students.


Art&Feminism Edit-a-Thon results

March 3- : As a part of the "The Practise of Commons" project initiated last month with the invitation of Goethe Institut Istanbul, a series of workshops have been organised by open culture organisations in Turkey. WMTR hosted an online editing workshop. In the event we made a presentation about how to use Wikimedia projects to provide well-sourced health information to general internet readers; we shared good practieses from the world.


March7: An online Art&Feminism event organised in partnership with the Art&Feminism volunteers. In terms of edit numbers and article numbers this edit-a-thon was more successful than previous ones. We are proud that 30 new articles were written and 208 articles were improved. Here is a press article about the event : Edit-a-thon

March 16:Visiting Ataturk Library, İstanbul. A face-to-face meeting was held with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Libraries and Museums Directorate to discuss how wikipedians could partner with the libraries under their administration.

QuerFeminist Artists Edit-a-thon

March 18&24: Last month, we had started to work with Kocaeli Municipality for making Kocaeli province more visible at wiki projects. As a part of this project, we made two online webinars during the month. The first was mainly for the personnel working in the municipality, the second was for the volunteers from Kocaeli public. Upon request, a third webinar was organised for the next month.

March 26: Talks with (fact-checking organisation) for preparation of Open Culture Movement & Wikimedia Presentation to the young participants of "Factory network" in April.

March 27: Queer/Feminist artists Edit-a-thon was held in partnership AmberNetwork Festival. Outreach Dashobard is available here: Dashboard

March 31: Talks with Kocaeli Trade Chamber. Discussed the partnerhsip opportuinties related to creating awareness on Turkish Coffee standards in colloboration with Turkish Coffee Culture and Research Association.

March 31: Talks with Turkey Technology Team (T3 Foundation). Discussed how their scholarship grantees would contribute Wikimedia projects.

Martch 31: Preperation for edit-a-thon on "artistic edit-a-thon" in April organized in partnership with Speakup Platform(Platform Against Censorship and Self-Censorship)

Meeting of March 30th

Community meetings

In March, we had three online community meetings. In each, the participants have evaluated the completed activities, discussed some coming activities and also brainstormed about developing content at Turkish wiki and about some suggestions on wiki-policies.

In addition to regular participants, there were participants who had introduced editing during the edit-a-thons and came to the meeting to meet with other wikipedinas and learn more about editing. Those new editors had the opportunity to ask their questions and get help during the meetings.

After the meetings, the meeting notes were shared with the community online. Please find the meeting notes below.

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